Fire Pit Covers from Great British Outdoor Fires

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We're really proud of our locally made fire pit covers. They're thick and sturdy, well made and waterproof. Our seamstress in Radcliffe-on-Trent makes these for us. They have a nice 'tidy away' pull cord inside the hem and can be easily slipped over your fire pit.

We now have a new addition to our covers: an acrylic, waterproof panel that slips inside an additional top pocket sealed with a velcro fastening. This keeps the top flat and stiff and prevents rainwater from pooling on top - genius! They're well worth the price and we've had some great feedback.

If you want your cover in a different colour, call us. As we make everything ourselves we can, of course, make whatever you like. It might cost a little extra as our seamstress orders our regular black material in bulk, (so a different colour may not be as economical) but we can certainly give you a quote.

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