Personalised Stainless Steel Memorial On A Post Spike For Graveside, Flower Pot, Garden

A relatively new product for us - our Personalised Gravestone Flower Pot Memorial On A Post Spike - is an affordable alternative or added addition to a gravestone or garden.

You won't be disappointed. Our Memorials are solid, heavy and hand welded. Your unique, personalised design is laser cut into 3mm steel. It is then welded onto a trowel-shaped post spike - enabling it to be stuck into the ground or a flower pot or flower bed. The whole item is then brush polished or in the case of Forest - powder coated Garibaldi red. Contact us for a powder coating range of colours and Corten weathering steel options.

The cost includes your NAME and DATE personalisation. You can also change the QUOTE (e.g. 'A Life Measured in Memories Not Years' on the Forget Me Not Panel - at no extra charge).

We design all of our Memorials in-house. So, if you have an idea, contact us. For example, we were approached last month to create a memorial with a Lavender design. You can see the attached Lavender design (the actual customer version is currently being welded so we don't have a photo yet). The name and date has been changed on our visual to protect our customer's privacy.

You'll notice we have a Nottingham Forest Personalised Gravestone Flower Pot Memorial On A Post. We have a Commercial License for Nottingham Forest, Notts County and the MOD (Ministry Of Defence). We cannot produce any item without a license. BUT, we are more than happy for you to approach your football club/sports club/organisation etc for a one-off permission to enable us to create your special design. with their logo.

All of our designs are made by our business, therefore if you'd prefer a bigger or smaller design, let us know. Or even a steel design disc without a post, which you can adhere to a headstone. It can also be any shape e.g. a feather or a butterfly shape, so long as we have room for the name and date.

Choose from the following designs. Don't forget to choose your size - 20cm disc (£129) or 25cm disc (£149). The post spike is the same for both measuring 46cm. Total height is 62cm for the smaller disc and 67cm for the larger disc (4cm of the post is hidden/welded to the back).

Once you have ordered it, we will get notification of your order and will email you for the words/quote, name and date you would like. You will then get a email proof to check. Please allow 3-4 weeks from approval to collection/UK-wide delivery.