Off the peg 'Courtyard' fire pits

We've listened to your feedback

In addition to our very popular customised (i.e. you choose a mix of individual designs from our catalogue) and personalised (i.e. we design something completely unique for you), we have now started to produce a range of pre-made designs for those who want a quicker delivery (and, well some people get overwhelmed with all of the options and just want to keep things simple).

We aim to have a number of pre-made, off the peg 'Courtyard' 400x400x600mm units available for immediate collection or next day delivery from 27th March, so secure your order today by paying a deposit. Fire pits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please see our 30 second video from our You Tube Channel of the fire pit we designed and made for RDR Stoves based at The Engine Yard, Belvoir Castle. This lit fire pit shows their logo and the flame design which we have included in this Ready Made selection - see Ready Made Flames Fire Pit.