The Illustrious Team

Co Owner and Founder Kate Cox of Great British Outdoor Fires


Kate - Co-Founder and Creative Director

Kate, a graphic designer by trade, has immensely enjoyed the career pivot of applying her magic to steel panels. The challenge of designing for the laser cutter has proved an exciting step up from her previous work.


Co Owner and Founder Tony Cox of Great British Outdoor Fires

Tony - Co-Founder and Engineering Director

Tony, having enjoyed a number of careers –  a former naval officer, an engineer and an IT business analyst, to name a few – now pours his passion into the functional design of the Great British Outdoor Fires products.

 Gary - Welding Consultant

Gary brings over 30 years of welding experience to the team and has been instrumental in setting up the operation and hand-selecting our team of freelance welders and metalworkers (most of whom, he has personally trained over the years).

Lorna Hawes - Copy Editor and Proofreader

Lorna - Copy Editor and Proofreader

Lorna, with her background in editing academic text books, reports, articles and marketing materials, helps us ensure all our written communication matches the quality and high standard of our fabulous fire pits.