The Patio' Customised Fire Pit
Great British Outdoor Fires

The Patio' Customised Fire Pit

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'The Patio' Customised 500x500x700mm Fire Pit Features:

  • A tastefully incorporated ash pan, which makes for easy cleaning
  • Slide-in fire safety mesh behind each panel
  • Water egress holes in the bottom panel

  • This fire pit is £520 with 4 of our panel designs. You customise it because you choose the panels at no additional cost. Only add an additional £60 per panel if you want a panel personalised e.g. Bride/Groom's name, your surname, Coat of Arms etc.

    This is our flagship product, laser cut from 5mm British sourced steel. Each panel can be customised using your design ideas (or, you can select from our catalogue of existing standard designs if you prefer). This weighs approximately 60kg.

    Order your Great British Outdoor Fires fire pit today and escape the dreaded screens! Catch up over food, drink and good conversation with friends around a beautiful, British-made fire pit.

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