Kindling & Wood Bundle
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Kindling & Wood Bundle

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At the moment, our bundles are only available with fire pit orders. As well as one free bundle (May offer) we can add up to 4 more bundles with your fire pit order. It will be added to your fire pit delivery pallet so we won’t charge an additional delivery cost.

The bundle includes: One 5kg net bag of quality kiln dried kindling. One 11kg net bag of quality, kiln dried oak off cuts.

We are working in conjunction with our friend Simon Danby of Nottingham Hardwood Timber, we are now providing quality kindling and wood bundles.

Simon’s woodyard is less than a mile from our farm unit where we make our fire pits. We have known him a number of years and as well as providing our kindling and wood, he supplies a range of wood turning products and a range of sawn and planed individual pieces for self-selection.



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