Small Personalised 40cm Fire Pit £348-£645
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Small Personalised 40cm Fire Pit £348-£645

Regular price £249.00

We’re very happy to design and create a personalised fire pit. Our designer is more than happy to use your designs (we cannot use anything that has a copyright. As we have licenses - and therefore permission - with Nottingham Forest and Mansfield Town Football Clubs one or more panels CAN incorporate their logos) or we create something new.

Here is an example of our work. It is our Wedding Gift Personalised Fire Pit video which will open in a new window.

Decide if you want 1, 2, 3 or 4 panels personalised. Please order, making sure you leave your contact details. We will be in touch with regards to your design brief. If you only have 1 panel personalised, we will ask you what other panels from our catalogue that you want to make up your fire pit. We will keep you informed along the way and will only proceed once we have a full sign off on all the design work.

Please see the table below to help you make your decision. Each personalised panel is £99, e.g. Bride/Groom's name, your surname, Coat of Arms etc. This includes 3 proof changes, any further changes may incur further design costs.

The first line does not include personalisation. We can explain. This gives you the option to pick any four of our stock panels at no additional cost. This is in case you don't want any of the combinations we currently offer. For example, you may want a Tree Of Life, Blackbirds, a Celtic Knot and a Welsh Dragon combination, all of which are from our catalogue, none of which are personalised.





4 0 £249
3 1

2 2

1 3

0 4



Personalised 40x40x60 cm Fire Pit Features:

  • A tastefully incorporated ash pan, which makes for easy cleaning
  • Slide-in fire safety mesh behind each panel
  • Water egress holes in the bottom panel
  • This fire pit is now £249 with 4 of our panel designs and £645 with 4 personalised panels
  • Please look at our Personalised Fire Pit video to guide your decision.

    Lead time is currently 3-4 weeks for design work, laser cutting, assembly, welding and UK wide delivery. 

    Our fire pits are laser cut from 5mm British sourced steel. They are sturdy and strong and the 40cm size weighs approximately 45kg. All our products are cut and welded in Nottingham, England. Our fire pits are made from mild steel, they will weather naturally. This does not compromise their integrity as they are 5mm thick. However, depending on usage, you may need to order a set of 4 replacement meshes two or three years after your purchase as the inner thinner mesh may deteriorate over time. This is the square mesh guard that slots behind the cut out side panels. A set of four meshes is £69-£89.

    Order your Great British Outdoor Fires fire pit today and escape the dreaded screens! Catch up over food, drink and good conversation with friends around a beautiful, British-made fire pit.

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