'The Behemoth' Fire Pit (500mm x 500mm x 900mm)
Great British Outdoor Fires

'The Behemoth' Fire Pit (500mm x 500mm x 900mm)

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  • A tastefully incorporated ash pan, which makes for easy cleaning
  • Slide-in fire safety mesh behind each panel
  • Water egress holes in the bottom panel
  • This fire pit starts at £660 with 4 of our standard panel designs. Add an additional £60 per personalised panel, adding up to a total of £900 if you choose to have all 4 panels personalised.

    Aptly named, as it is the largest fire pit we have made to date, measuring 500mm x 500mm at the base with a vertical profile of 700mm. Once you add on the height of the legs (approx. 200mm), its overall height stands at around 900mm. It weighs approximately 80kg.

    The Behemoth is basically our flagship 500mm cube product, but 200mm taller. Like all of our fire cubes, it is cut from 5mm British-sourced steel, Each panel can be customised to your design ideas. To illustrate the concept of our totally personalised designs, check out the brief which culminated in the fire pit shown in the product photos. 

    Order your Great British Outdoor Fires fire pit today, and don't forget to add a really, really big (some people say 'mahoosive') bag of marshmallows to your next shopping list. 

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