Fire Pit Accessories

Here you will find a range of products and services which will both enhance your enjoyment of your fire pit as well as preserving it for decades of use.

Built to Last, But They Are Heavy

In order to ensure our fire pits last even longer than our industry-leading 10-Year Guarantee, we build them from 5mm thick steel---and they're heavy! While we are used to moving them about, we wanted to make sure we made moving them around as easy as possible for you. So, since April 2020, we fit castor plates as standard on the bottom of each fire pit leg. This means that fitting a set of heavy-duty castors is an easy job, whether we fit them for you when you buy or you source and/or fit them yourself. 

Keep Things Tidy With Durable Weatherproof Cover

Roughly half of our customers choose to purchase a cover, which comes in handy for keeping out rainwater and leaves. Made from a heavy black waterproof material, our covers conceal a stiff Dibond panel sewn into the top, which prevents the pooling of rainwater, and even gives you a firm surface to place a drink if you wish. The back panel has a full length Velcro seam, which makes light work out of putting it on /or off.