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If you're looking for a well-made British fire pit, you've come to the right place. All of our fire pits are uniquely designed and made by our company in Nottinghamshire. Our team is extremely proud of our strong, beautiful fire pits. As well as local welders, engineers and materials, our covers, powder coating, wheels and wood supplies are also local.

For information and ordering please call Nottingham 0115 6980289 or 07932 540898

Choose from our Fire Pits Available Now with immediate collection or delivery or we'll make your fire pit from your choice of our Panel Designs. This is the same price as our Available Now range. Please also see our new panels on our YouTube channel. For the 2nd option please allow 3 weeks lead time plus 1 week if you'd like to add high-temperature black powder coating.

Or contact us to discuss a personalised fire pit e.g. coat of arms, house name, restaurant logo etc. Allow 5 weeks.

As well as our retail shop in Nottingham at Notcutts Wheatcroft Garden Centre, you can now find our fire pits at Notcutts Woodford Park in Stockport and Notcutts Oxford and Notcutts Garden Pride in West Sussex.

Optional Extras: If you would like Kindwood Firelighters, Kindwood Kindling and/or Kindwood Wood please add it to your order. In addition we also have locally-made custom-fit waterproof covers, and locally sourced castor wheels (set of 4) as our fire pits weigh 7-11 stones (45-70kg). We also work in conjunction with a local powder coaters and can provide a high temperature black Powder Coating. Please add one week to the lead time for this additional coating service and put this into your basket if you’d like this option.

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