Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club (NCCC) Merchandise


We have recently launched our Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club merchandise. As well as on our website, you can purchase our products at the cricket shop at Trent Bridge - just five miles from our business. All of our products are uniquely designed by our business and made in Nottinghamshire.

Our products bear the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club logo and are laser cut from 2mm thick stainless steel.

We can also make Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club small, medium and large fire pits (£249/£299/£349), steel mobile holders and personalised wall shields.

You have two choices for the stainless steel finish - choose Brushed Polished Stainless Steel (basically a shiny finish) or our new style, Tumbled Stainless Steel (a matt finish with smooth, tumbled edges). The brush polished is polished on a machine and the tumbled is thrown into a tumbling tub and tumbled until smooth to the touch. The former is very shiny, the latter has a dull, matt appearance with natural steel fleck markings. Or why not try both.

Please see the photo of the keyring with our 10cm square coaster and credit-card sized bottle opener for scale.

As usual, we'd love your feedback. We enjoy bringing new products to the market and we're especially excited about the new tumbled stainless steel products.