Nottingham Rugby Club

We have recently launched our Nottingham Rugby Club merchandise. All of our products are uniquely designed by our business and made in Nottinghamshire.

Our products bear the Nottingham Rugby Club logo and are laser cut from 2mm thick stainless steel. They are then brush polished across the river from the Lady Bay training ground.

We can also make Nottingham Rugby Club small, medium and large fire pits (£249/£299/£349), steel mobile holders and personalised wall shields.

These products are close to our heart. Our son was at Corsairs for many years and continues to play rugby when he can.

As usual, we'd love your feedback. We enjoy bringing new products to the market. If you're interested in a wall shield, look at our Nottingham Forest or Nottinghamshire Cricket Club Collection for prices and get in touch. We can also personalise products (10cm and larger products only due to the laser cutter capabilities). We can also powder coat the steel in various colours. All our products are suitable for the indoors or outdoors.