Personalised Gifts

Welcome to our Personalised Gifts Collection. We can design and make a range of products from drink coaster sets to graveside memorials to large, decorative garden panels to fire pits. There are many considerations to take into account; size, design and material - do you want brushed stainless steel, mirrored stainless steel, powder coated black steel, Corten weathering steel etc. As these products are all personalised in-house by our designers, please contact us directly with your questions, ideas and queries. We can then supply a Quote.

You can supply a design so long as you own the copyright. Our designers can assess it and may need to tweak it for the laser cutter. Be mindful it needs to be in stencil form so that the pieces cut don’t fall out and that ‘bridges’ connect the design to the main body of steel. Call us if you need clarity as this can be tricky.