Small Steel Gifts

If you're looking for that perfect, unique gift you've come to the right place. Our Creative Director and Co-Owner Kate has designed all these steel pieces herself.

Kate can't take all the credit though as Tony (Kate's Co-Owner) introduced egress holes into the inside corners of the candle holders so if used outside they won't fill up with rain water - clever eh! He also added a hanging hole for the Veg and Herb Labels and together they came up with the handy credit-card bottle openers you can slip into you back pocket for drinks on the go.

From Tree Of Life Hanging Ornaments to practical Stainless Steel, durable Veg and Herb Label Sticks to steel Bottle Openers, there's something for everyone.

We also have a beautiful selection of hand-welded, sturdy candle holders. Each side panel is Tig welded and has a zinc underlay followed by a professional layer of powder coating, making it fully waterproof. There are a variety of styles to choose from and this product can also be used as a tissue box holder.