Black High Temperature Powder Coating
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Black High Temperature Powder Coating

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Update June 6th 2023: We no longer provide powder coating as Nottingham Powder Coaters Ltd. has closed.

However, our regular powder coaters in Nottingham (they powder coat our wall panels including our Garibaldi red Forest panels) now offer stove paint coating. A fire pit customer of ours got in touch recently and had their weathered, used, fire pit, shot blasted and powder coated with this coating. We delivered it to the customer this week and she will provide regular updates on how it holds up as this is a brand new offering for us. Please contact us about this new service, but be mindful this has not been tested long term.

If you can’t decide if you want this service don’t worry. We would advise that you don’t have it as you can’t reverse it. You can always come back with your fire pit and we can take it over to them after you have used it. They have the ability to shot blast it and powder coat it no matter how it’s weathered outside.

An alternative is to paint it yourself with a stove paint from a DIY shop. You may need to do this annually. If your pit has already rusted, brush it down with a wire brush before coating.

Please don't be concerned about the fire pit you have bought from us rusting. We only use solid, 5mm mild steel to ensure they last and do not fall apart. Our four inner, removable meshes may need to be replaced and are not included in our 10 year guarantee. You can order a new packet of four meshes for £49-£69.

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