Castor Wheels for a Fire Pit (Black Set of 4)
Great British Outdoor Fires

Castor Wheels for a Fire Pit (Black Set of 4)

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Using another East Midlands supplier, we’re pleased to offer castor wheels. These comprise of 2 swivel and 2 braked black wheels. If you request castors as part of your order, we will fit them for you, so they are in place upon delivery.

We would highly recommend that if you're considering wheels, you order them with your fire pit and we can put them on for you free of charge. You can order them afterwards and put them on yourself but they are quite fiddly to attach.

We were asked by one of our customers - a dog breeder in Cheshire - if we had wheels. She wanted to move her fire pit around her kennels and use it in different locations. We sourced heavy duty castors locally and we now provide them. Our customers find them useful especially with our larger fire pits.

Tony (Co-Founder/Engineer) has designed the fire pits so that they have a flat castor plate hidden discreetly underneath each foot. This has a hole and a captivated nut. This allows you to adjust the height (like a fridge) for uneven ground. It also cleverly allows you to remove the bolt and add a castor wheel should you choose to do so at a later date. Here's a handy video (14 mins) showing you How To Fit A Set of Castor Wheels to a Fire pit From Great British Outdoor Fires should you choose to purchase the castors later and attach yourself. 

You can source the castors yourself but be mindful of the fire pit weight and equal distribution. Our 40cm weighs 7 Stones (45kg), our 45cm weighs 9 Stones (57kg) and our 50cm weighs 11 Stones (70kg).

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