Flag of Wales (Baner Cymru)
Great British Outdoor Fires

Flag of Wales (Baner Cymru)

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This design is styled on the Flag of Wales (Baner Cymru, in Welsh). In adapting the flag for laser cutting, the red dragon and green horizontal field at the bottom have become cut-outs, and the white horizontal field is the steel. 

The focus of this design is the dragon itself, which is available in a design on its own (i.e. without the flag elements). 

This design is suitable for use on any size fire pit, wall panel or candle holder.  

Did you know that Great British Outdoor Fires, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Kate, was born in the Welsh capital? Well, now you know. For a bit of fun, make a note of the code (CARDIFF-5). You can enter this code at checkout when purchasing any fire pit for a bonus £5 off of your order. It's not a life-changing amount, but just a little way of saying thanks for paying attention to the details :-)


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