Dog Stainless Steel Panel | 16cm
Great British Outdoor Fires

Dog Stainless Steel Panel | 16cm

Regular price £49.00

Another new addition to our range, this time for dog lovers, designed in-house with the inscription “Dogs leave paw prints on your heart” laser cut into 3mm brushed stainless steel on a round 16cm panel.

This is suitable for indoors or outdoors. It can be hung up in a garden or nailed to a fence etc. As usual, all our panels come with stainless steel off-set wall fixings to give if that wow factor.

The sample shows brushed stainless steel which is currently available. Contact us if you’d like us to make yours using rustic Corten steel or powder coated (i.e. black) steel at the same price. We can make this from 16cm to 120cm in size. We can also do other dog breeds so get in touch in the new year.

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