Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
Great British Outdoor Fires

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

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The Basics 

Measuring (85mm x 55mm x 2mm), this credit-card sized bottle opener's sleek design easily fits into a back pocket or small purse. It incorporates the Great British Outdoor Fires logo above the functional bit. You can also hang it from a small nail/hook as we've also thought to include a 4mm diameter hole centred at the top. 

The Back Story

Truth be known, we initially designed these as a small gift to say thank you to some of our very first customers and those who agreed to be on our marketing lists. We know you can find a plain old bottle opener anywhere, but we are especially proud of these, as they serve dual purposes of showing our prospective customers:

  • just how intricate our fire pit and candle holder designs can be; and 
  • just how solid our products are.

At 2mm thickness with a weight of 62g, these things look and feel pretty indestructible. Then consider that our fire pits are made from 5mm thick panels and that our typical fire pit weighs in at over 50kg. That means that our typical fire pit weighs more than 800 bottle openers. 

The Business

No sooner than we distributed the first lot of these, we'd already had requests to provide quotes to supply these for some of our customers with their own designs. And why not! These are ideal items to send as a little branded thank you, as they fit into a small Jiffy bag, and only require a 1st or 2nd class stamp. So, we pulled together this small table with branded pricing information. Use this as a guideline, but contact for further information.


 Quantity Unit Cost

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