White, Acrylic Backing Panels for Shields
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White, Acrylic Backing Panels for Shields

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We now supply white, acrylic backing panels to be placed behind your shield. It's laser-cut and the holes match up with your shield holes. This looks particularly efffective behind our Forest and County shields, but works just as well behind our stainless Nottinghamshire Cricket Club shields.

If you order a shield then decide later to order this acrylic, this is perfectly fine as the acrylic backing is not adhered to the back of the shield. It simply sits behind the shield, using the same bolts to go through both panels - the front shield and the back acrylic panel.

We have four sizes: 15x20cm, 23x30cm and 40x30cm. We also have a round 30cm size. These are 3mm thick and waterproof.


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