Lest We Forget
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Lest We Forget

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Many people know "Lest we forget" is a phrase widely used in English speaking countries at war remembrance services and other commemorative events.  But how many know that before it came into common usage for war remembrance, it appeared in the Rudyard Kipling poem "Recessional" in 1897? Furthermore, how many people know that the phrase can be traced back even further to the Muslim poet, Mirza Ghalib from Mughal India? What's the connection you ask? Kipling was born in India and spent a significant portion of his life there, which is believed to have been a considerable influence in his writing. Interesting history, isn't it? 

Getting back to the design, in addition to the phrase, the design incorporates a soldier with a rifle kneeling before a cross which marks a gravestone.

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