Nottingham Forest Vintage 1958-1974 Logo Shield Is Here!

Kate Cox

It's here and in stock. The old style Nottingham Forest logo used from 1958-1974. As usual with our small business, we've made a small amount to test the product but will add to it as per orders received. If it's sold out, please order and allow 2-3 weeks so it can be cut and polished or powder coated - all in Nottingham of course.

You can choose from Garibaldi Red Powder Coated steel or a Brushed Stainless Steel finish. If you can't decide on colour, the best thing to do is determine where you're going to put it up. Don't forget, we now sell laser cut acrylic white backings if you're placing it on a busy backdrop and you want it to stand out. You just place the white acrylic weatherproof back behind the shield and run the bolt fixings through both panels. You'll get the bolt fixings included. All our products are suitable for the indoors or outdoors. 

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