Outlaw Triathlon Bottle Openers

Kate Cox #britishmade #britishmanufacturing #handmade #madeinbritain Outlaw Triathlon

We’re extremely pleased (and proud as we hail from Nottingham) to be working alongside Nottingham Outlaw Triathlon creating a beautiful Outlaw memento.

Not only is this new product made in Nottingham, it’s also uniquely designed by our business.

Just like an ‘outlaw’ it’s tough, durable, unique and sturdy! Laser-cut from stainless steel, then brush-polished, it’s a handy, credit-card sized, practical product, that’ll no doubt impress your friends and family. It’ll also remind you of your blood, sweat and tears competing in one of the toughest challenges.

Just £10, order today and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you reach for it to open that soft drink or cheeky beer.

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