What is Licensed Merchandise?

Kate Cox

We are proud to have a commercial license with Nottingham Forest Football Club since 2021. But what does it mean? In order to use a trademarked logo, you need to get permission. We approached Nottingham Forest and provided them with samples of our work using their logo. They agreed to our usage and we signed a commercial license. This allows us to make our products with their logo and in return, they get royalties on every product we sell. A win-win situation. 
This has proved to be very popular, and therefore, we continue to expand our commercial licenses. We also have Mansfield Town Football Club. Our Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club products are for sale at the Trent Bridge shop and we’ve produced a range for Nottingham Rugby. 
We are always open to discussions for further commercial licenses, so please get in touch if you’d like unique products for your club, business, restaurant, charity etc.

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