Brick Fire Pit

Kate Cox

We find ourselves in uncertain times and we’re available to step up and help. We’re getting a lot of fire pit and garden improvement enquiries to improve quality of life during self isolation and the prospect of increased staycations.

We thought it helpful to let you know in addition to making free standing fire pits, we also work alongside builders, landscapers and architects to create built-in fire pits. We also make garden panels, gas bottle enclosures, wall panels... in fact we can turn our hand to anything made out of mild or stainless steel for indoors or outdoors. In addition, we design and manufacture (and don’t import), so we can make it at any size.

This customer contacted us to see if we could provide the inner workings for the brick surround fire pit his landscapers (Better Build Landscapes Limited of Northampton) had created. We used our CAD software to design and review it with the customer. The design incorporates a sturdy 4mm thick fire grate at the bottom, but to ensure maximum lateral heat transfer, we also incorporated a chunky grid of 20mm round steel bars which elevates the larger logs. Once agreed, we then manufactured it using laser cut British steel components.

This bespoke commission was a very enjoyable challenge and we’re happy to report that the customer was delighted by the end result. We’ll keep going to help you keep going. Get outside with a fire pit this Spring.

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